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“I will be a messenger of the people — they are my reason for running”

Today, Less Than 20% of U.S. Congress Members Have Military Experience!

How can our U.S. Congress members debate on military strategic actions throughout the world if they have no military experience? It used to be that a veteran status would surely get you in the White House. When the World War II veterans retired, the number of veterans holding seats in Congress declined.

Some believe that this was the turning point of our country losing its world power position, not only militarily but economically. So Why is this so important to American Samoa? Because we need to know that whomever we elect for Congress will not only affect American Samoa but also the U.S.A.

We must therefore elect someone who is a proven leader with military experience, skills and know-how, to get things done. Not a career politician who is only concerned about getting elected and staying in office for years. Secondly, we need to improve our relationship with the U.S. Army, if we want to receive more financial assistance and better healthcare for our people. It was the Army doctors who took care of us in the past and provided care for our hospital at no cost. We can make this happen again and even better, because our U.S. veteran population has grown and they are in need of a bigger hospital. We need to make this happen!